As business owners, you are all about efficiency, opportunities, and results.

So is Zipplefy.

Zipplefy was started by a visionary team who believe in digital transformation and that trendsetters get the first-mover advantage. More than just digital name cards, we aim to change how you start conversations, make connections and stay in touch in the corporate world. All for the better.

Of course, this meant reinventing the long-accustomed means of networking that we were all used to, starting with the paper card. It was a bold endeavour, but we were undaunted, driven by the passion of breaking down the barriers that have impeded the way we form deep connections for decades. After months of analysing user experience, research and development, we finally did it.

Ever-ready to embrace the new norm of all things digital, Zipplefy was born to redefine the essence of how we share our business information with others within and beyond our circle. Instead of owning physical name cards that take up space, are uneditable and could easily be misplaced, you can now house power-packed pockets of information in the limitless world of digital. Regardless of where you are, your digital name card can travel the distance and do the work for you at the blink of an eye.

Welcome to the new age of seamless communication, ever-lasting connections, and sustainability! Gone are the days of fleeting impressions and missed connections with a smarter alternative - Zipplefy.