General Questions

Who is Zipplefy for?

If you're a company or team owner seeking opportunities to increase your connections and leads, Zipplefy is designed just for you. Regardless of your industry and size, going digital with Zipplefy means improving the way your business can reach out to existing and potential clients. This is especially paramount in today's norm of going contactless.

How do I receive my card?

Look out for a URL link sent by Zipplefy to your registered email address. You can access your card and unique QR code via this URL

How do I share my card?

Your profile link will include a QR code. Your profile information can be shared when your recipient scans your QR code.

Can a non-Zipplefy user save my digital name card?

Definitely. You can share your digital card with anyone - even if they're not a Zipplefy user themselves! Your card has a unique QR code when scanned, can be saved directly into the phone contacts of your recipient. There is no additional plugins or applications required for both of you.

What permissions do the different roles have?

Zipplefy offers different tier levels of permissions for each of the 3 roles - Owner (1st Tier), Administrator (2nd Tier) and User (3rd Tier). This system ensures that you as the Owner, have the flexibility to manage card details on a company-wide basis to maintain brand consistency and professionalism. You can also appoint 2nd tier Administrator roles to support you in the management of 3rd tier User profiles.



How is your pricing structure like?

Our pricing runs on a one off model. That means that you pay once for a lifetime of the service.

Can I change my Payment Method?

Yes, you can change your payment method under Subscription Information.

What if I need further assistance regarding subscription and payment

You can send us an email to support@zipplefy.com and we'll get back to you in no time!



Can I create multiple users?

Yes, you can! Multiple users can be created with unique email addresses. The process is to simply purchase more seats and assign the seats to the users.

How many Administrators and Users can I assign?

You can assign an unlimited number of administrators and users limited to the number of seats available.

Can my employees have more than one card?

Yes, each employee can have more than one card as long as they are registered as different users with unique email addresses.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password on the login page, by clicking “Forgotten your password?”.

If I need technical assistance or report a problem, how can I contact you?

You may contact us at our technical support email - support@zipplefy.com