A real connection is one that is remembered, because that is how subsequent interactions come about

Zipplefy empowers this.

With traditional name cards, all is left to chance the moment you hand them out. You have no idea whether your name card will be misplaced or be at the top of the pile. Your prospects may contact whoever saves them the hassle or made the most recent impression, and it may not be you...

Zipplefy provides a smarter way to share contact information. A guarantee that your information is saved - by watching it happen on the spot. And most importantly, maintain that connection over time by making sure you are always contactable.

Easy, Breezy, Speedy Implementation

No more missed connections. No additional plugins or applications required. Anyone can scan and save your information in their contact book zippy-fast with your unique QR code.

Why play the waiting game with paper name cards? From conducting your sales pitches right away to connecting with your leads, score bigger wins with Zipplefy now.

Zero Waste

Did you know that 7.2 million trees are cut down annually for business cards, most of which are discarded?*

By going paperless, you're playing your part to protect the environment AND saving printing costs. No worries about running out of name cards too!

*as reported by The Edge publication
Peace of Mind

All personal data is 100% protected on our website, which is secured and encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Shared your profile unintentionally and got unwanted attention? Don't panic! There is also a fail-safe on the admin panel, allowing you to reset profile URLs anytime, anywhere, giving you full control over your profile.

How It Works

Take it up a notch from the traditional paper card and stand out from the digital crowd. No more awkward, outdated designs.
At Zipplefy, we combine functionality and aesthetics for you to present yourself proudly and professionally.

Upload your Company Logo

What is a name card if it does not uniquely identify your brand or your business?

Get started on your digital profile by uploading your company's logo into the Zipplefy system and all digital name cards under your account will display your brand identity.

Enter the Details of your Team Members

Each name card is tailored to each individual member of your team.

Every member of your team has a unique profile in Zipplefy. Key in their names and designations in Zipplefy and these information will appear on their digital name cards.

The Unique QR Code

At the Heart of the Digital Name Card

The QR Code presents an effective way for your contact information to be shared to your network. This special QR Code is auto generated once the user's profile and information is created in Zipplefy and is unique to every member of your team.

Contact Information (phone and email)

It's all about Two Way Communication

As with any name card, Zipplefy's digital name card will also contain all important contact information (phone and email address) of your team member. By scanning the QR Code, these details will be transferred over to your contact's mobile device.

Company Details

Information about the Company

A space is reserved at the bottom of the digital name card for general information about your company. Depending on your contact's mobile device, this company information will also be transmitted and saved onto the target device.

Opportunities are Endless

Here are some ways you can use Zipplefy to expand your network.

Use Your QR Code

Get them to scan your QR code and your contact details will automatically pop up on their screen. A single, quick tap from them will have you instantly and securely saved in their address book.

No worries about being left in the dust because your contact details will always be right at their fingertips - readily accessible and contactable on the go. Reaching out to you just got a whole lot zippy-er.

Share Your Card URL

If you're networking from a distance and can't flash your QR code, no problem! We make long distance networking relationships seem like a piece of cake.

With a variety of social media and networking platforms at your fingertips, choose how you want to share your link and blast away! Anyone who has your link can access your card anytime, anywhere at their own convenience.

A Virtual Background

Online meetings are the new norm and the trend of virtual backgrounds aren't going anywhere anytime soon. While preparing for your next networking event or meeting with potential leads, be sure to include your QR code by the side of your virtual background!

No more having to hastily disseminate your contact details at the end of every meeting. Anyone on the call can scan your QR code with their phone and save your contact details in a flash.


Our solution doesn't break the bank. Only pay for what you use.

free. start using Zipplefy for free
5 Scans one time

with Zipplefy's free account, you get...

one digital business card to get you started

a unique, scannable QR Code containing your contact and company details

an easy way for your client to store your contact information via a downloadable vCard

5 free scans to give us a trial run, no strings attached

premium. if you pay for...
100 Staffs
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you only pay


per staff once

everything in Zipplefy's free account, and

unlimited scans that allows your clients to save your contact details

contact exchange that lets your client upload their contact details to you

location detection that tracks the date, time and place of each scan

powerful reporting that allows you to analyse your company's scan data


Zipplefy is more than just a platform for digital name cards. Our comprehensive solution gives you additional tools to facilitate networking.

Contact Exchange

Communication is never one way. With our revolutionary Contact Exchange feature, you are now able to request and capture the details of the person who has visited or scanned your profile.

Uniquely Yours

Your unique QR code and profile page URL never expires and will never be used by another. When scanned, you can be assured your code always links back to your digital name card.

Geo Location Detection

Wtih geo location activated, you can now track and pinpoint when and where the exchange of contacts happen. Use this information to manage your sales personnel during networking events.

Teams (coming soon)

Create different teams within your organization. Assign a set number of cards to each team and allow the team leaders to manage the digital name cards of each member of their teams.

Track and Measure

Assess how well your sales team has been networking at a glance. Our dashboard allows you to track the activity of your users by giving you a breakdown of individual profile traffic over time.

Company QR Code (coming soon)

Going for a company event or exhibition? You can now create a unique company QR Code and link it to any web page on the Internet. Use this feature to allow contactless information exchange.